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Our Vision

We are helping the world realise the value of skilled young people.


Our Mission

Young people find freelance jobs, and customers benefit from local and affordable experts.


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Give us a call and see how we can help you:  0203 504 6465.


Iman Fadaei

Co-founder and Sales

After graduating in Law, Iman ran two profitable social businesses - a fairtrade online art gallery and a web development agency, developing strong sales and communications skills. He is an expert in youth engagement having worked for over 10 years in the social field with organisations like the UN and Ruhi Institute. Iman's role in CrowdSkills is business development, sales, and youth engagement.

Marten Wetterberg

Co-founder and Tech

Marten began coding when he was 11 and set up his own development agency at 18, developing it to work with over
200 clients internationally. His speciality is using innovative approaches to build custom technological solutions and meet complex demands. Marten also has wide experience in online marketing, using multiple free and paid channels to build significant traffic on new platforms and consistently increasing client revenues.


Margherita Pagani

Founder, Flythegap
Mentor and friend

To meet someone who have successfully walked the walk we're walking has been amazing. For us, Maggie's drive keeps us going, her network is helping us expand, and her Flythegap in general is an excellent role model for CrowdSkills.

Asim Haneef

TV Producer, El Mashroua
Market reach, virality

Having produced an amazing reality show based on regular and social entrepreneurs, with over 40 million viewers in Egypt and around, Asim really know how to engage.

Melissa Andrada

Founder, Wolff Olins Kitchen
Storytelling adviso

With her extensive experience with Storytelling within Wolff Olins, for clients such as Skype and Macmillan, she supports us in having a clear offer and vision, both internally and externally.

Tom Ljungqvist

Founder, NyWeb AB
Online marketing & Swedish you

With much experience within the tech field, in particular websites, Tom is an excellent partner. General hunk, entrepreneur, co-founder of NyWeb AB (with Marten) and our key for the Swedish market.

Anton Chernikov

Founder, The Exponentials
User journey & design

Creating beautiful and clear messages is one of Anton's many talents. He advices us on having a clear user journey, our bigger proposition and design in general. He has also commissioned us to build his awesome learning system Genesis and Studio X. Watch his TedX.

Zarin Hainsworth

CEO, Serene Communications
Mentor and mother

Let's set the record straight: Zarin is Iman's mother. She is also of great help with her experience within human rights and the UN.

Anthony Harmer

CEO, Elatt
Social Impact

Anthony assists us in keeping our social impact pure and scalable. We're also working together with him to route his alumnus to freelance work. The synergy and cross-pollenating between CrowdSkills and Elatt has created an amazing partnership.

Chris Etheridge

Co-founder, Yatterbox
Equity, fundraising adviso

With experience of successful exits, general sound business mind and very clear investor-mindset, Chris advices us on financial approaches within the fundraising space.

Kevin Ackermann

Associate at eg.1
Co-founder and mentor

Kevin was there from the very meeting, and helped CrowdSkills get to where it is today. He started his professional career while CrowdSkills was evolving, and is now our expert on future opportunities in recruitment.

Stephen Collins

VP, Microsoft
Key Microsoft contact

After winning EYA in late 2014, Stephen stepped onboard as a mentor. He has opened many doors at Microsoft for us, and Stephen shows the same ever-burning enthusiasm for our vision.

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